• Do I Have To Know A Lot About The Bible?

    No! Regardless of your knowledge or familiarity with church, God, or the bible you are always welcome to be a part of our community. With that, I can assure you that your knowledge of scripture will not be put in a spotlight and you will find that none of us are bible scholars, or try to act like it. We simply gather around the truth of the Bible and seek answers and meaning of it together.

  • Will I Fit In At A Life Group?

    Yes, you will! Again regardless of your past, background, familiarity with God or Church, or even your political affiliation, you will not be met with judgement but with love and acceptance.

  • What Do You Do In A Life Group?

    Well, exactly that...Life! We were created to have meaningful and authentic relationships with one another. Let’s face it, life is hard and we need people around us loving, helping, challenging, and encouraging us through it all. That is the focus/goal for each of our Life Groups.

    The structure of the group may look different for each group. Whether that is sharing a meal with one another, doing an activity, having a game night, or watching a video lesson our focus is always on community and just being with one another.

    With that being said, all of our groups will include an element of prayer and reading of the bible in some way for a portion of the night, with a brief time of discussion after.

  • What Do You Talk About?

    Everything! Pray together, make decisions together, encourage one another, resolve conflict, basically share LIFE with one another. From our favorite movie and meal, to problems and pain we strive to be genuine and authentic in our groups. No matter the topic, EVERYTHING, all conversation is centered on Jesus.

    In addition, your group may choose to discuss the sermon, follow a Bible Reading Plan, watch a topical series on RightNow Media, or read a book together.

  • Will I Be Put On The Spot To Answer Questions?

    No, you won’t ever be put on the spot. Although, we can’t promise you won’t ever have to participate in the traditional ice breaker/brief introductions here and there. Outside of that, you will not be forced to speak or answer questions if you aren’t comfortable doing so.

    While not enforced, we really encourage everyone to be vulnerable and share within the group. Whether thats a prayer request, something you’re learning about God, or simply sharing a little bit about what’s going on in your life.

  • Can I Bring My Kids?

    Yes, please do! All of our groups welcome children of any age. Some even have trusted baby sitters that will watch your little ones during the group for free!